Excellent Quality. Excellent Service.

Feb 2, 2013 – ravync

These people do not lie, nor do they push for a service you do not need! This is worth so much when seeking a mechanic! Not only do you look for price, but you look for a place that won't add on a dozen things they found "broken". Good Works Auto Repair will tell you if they find anything wrong, yes, but they will also physically show you what they find, so you know the truth.

Honest, helpful people!

Jan 16, 2013 – chantief

After moving from Chandler to Tempe, we tried out Good Works. We found that they were consistently great on their follow through and commitments. Where they really won us with with a repair for my mother-in-laws car. It had a defective part that needed to be replaced. New, the part would have been 700 and some change plus the labor to install. They told me that they thought that they could get this part from a local salvage lot, and called around and found it for us. The salvage part was 200. WOW. How many places do you know that would work hard to save you money?

Great service at a great price

Apr 23, 2013 – kathep

I was WAY over miles for oil change, and the guys & gals at Good Works were most helpful. They didn't lecture me, but let me know with the amount of miles on my car, it would be better if I would change it more often! They didn't try to sell me 20 other services, but made sure my car was road ready for a trip planned to Colorado. The cost for my oil change was fair and almost as cheap as if I had done it myself! The mechanics and staff is always friendly and knowledgable! I would recommend them to anyone who needs minor or major repair on their car...or just regular maintenance!

People with integrity!

Mar 18, 2013 – alexandrias, Scottsdale

Glenn and his staff are the utmost in professionalism and superb customer service. I brought my car in a year after a repair and they replaced the part that failed at no charge. I am so pleased with the ethics of this shop! Most shops would not have addressed a part failure and would have charged me to do the repair again. I would recommend Good Works to anyone! I love these guys!

Nothing but the best

Nov 17, 2012 – jimn, Mesa

I have nothing but high praise for the knowledge, expertise, and customer service I've received from Good Works Auto. Glen, Elsie, and the rest of the staff treat you as though you are a close friend or part of the family. I respect their work ethics and honesty. I would HIGHLY recommend Good Works Auto.

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Three Reasons You Will Be Happy With Us

24 Month/24K Warranty


At Good Works Auto Repair, we think the REAL proof of excellence is how a shop stands behind its work. That's why Good Works Auto Repair offers an industry-leading warranty. When asked, we simply tell people, “We stand behind our work with a 2-year and/or 24,000 mile guarantee.”

Friends Will Want to Give
You A Ride


Why will people actually WANT to give you a lift to pick up your car? Because we offer a coupon for a FREE oil change to the person who gives you a lift to drop off or pick up your car (new customers only). We want to thank them for their time and make your life easier too! If you can't get a friend to drive you -- call us for a lift. If it is within 10 miles of our shop, we come and get you. That's what friends are for.

Service to Our Community


We don't just operate in your community - we are an active part of it. That's why we participate in such programs as Packages From Home, Toys for Tots, Grace's Cottage, Helping Hands for Single Moms, Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida, and St. Mary's Food Bank. We also care about the environment.

More About Good Works Auto Repair:

Tempe Goodworks Shop

Good Works Auto Repair is a full service owner-operated, automotive repair, maintenance and brake service shop serving Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Apache Junction AZ and surrounding areas with many years of consistent and friendly service.

We are able to make any repair on your car; however we are firm believers in auto maintenance rather than repairs. Preventative maintenance saves you money! Every time you visit our facility, we will raise the hood and check all the vital fluids. Our service team will then make maintenance recommendations based on the condition of these fluids, the odometer reading, and the time interval since your last service.

Auto Repair Tempe/Mesa, AZ

Tempe Goodworks Shop

NARPRO honors Good Works Auto Repair for maintaining an outstanding 98.23% Customer Satisfaction Rating as rated by the most important judges of all-their customers.

Whether you need transmission repair, tires, brake service, a basic oil change - or any automobile repair in between - our Tempe/Mesa facility is ready and waiting for your call. Conveniently located near ASU at the Broadway and the Price Freeway, our repair facility is modern, clean and comfortable. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to guarantee that your automotive service is diagnosed and completed right the first time. We understand how busy life can be, so we will keep track of your preventative maintenance and send you reminders to have your oil changed, your brakes serviced, your air conditioner inspected - and all the other automobile maintenance services that will keep your car running in top shape. Our technicians are more than mechanics - they are highly trained, certified professionals that will provide a written estimate, a full explanation of the services provided, and the best warranty in the business. We are focused on building customers for life. Se habla espanol.

When you bring your car for service or repair, you'll be as comfortable with our clean, modern Tempe/Mesa facility, as you are with our service. Our full-service east valley facility is set-up with everything needed to take care of your automobile. Services include everything from oil changes and transmissions to emissions. We have over-sized lifts for your medium-duty trucks and we even service diesel and hybrid engines. Most importantly for you, our technicians' primary purpose is to ensure that they identify the situation right from the start so you don't waste your time and money.

Good Works Auto Repair customers know that our mechanics care as much about their car as they do, which is why our customer satisfaction and referral rate is one of the highest in the industry. It's because our goal is to give you the best advice possible, so that your investment is the best return for your money. But, it's easy for a company to brag about their excellent service. Sure we have awards and recognition, but we think our customers say it best.

Conveniently located near Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Scottsdale, our facility is less than a mile away from the Light Rail Station at Price Freeway and Apache Boulevard. We offer free rides to the station. Simply drop off your car in the morning for service and just pick it up after work. Call for an appointment today.

Our passion is to keep your vehicle trouble-free and fun to drive!

ATI Top 12 Excellence Winner AZ Central Readers' Choice: Best Auto Repair ShopRepairPal Top Shop

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There was a time not too long ago when hybrid vehicles were considered a niche vehicle and many consumers assumed that they would never find their place in the mainstream automotive industry.

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Everyone and Every Repair Counts

Personal service, open communication, highly-trained technicians, and the proper equipment will assure your satisfaction and a job well done.

Our Pledge: we will not sell you anything you don't need
or charge you for anything you did not get.

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